Akamai acquires Neosec

Discover every API. Even those in the shadows.

You can only protect what you see. With Neosec, APIs are no longer a security blindspot. Discover your entire API estate without adding another sensor. Visibility into your API inventory is easy and takes minutes.

Comprehensive API Discovery

Discover every API in your enterprise–including north-south, east-west, shadow, legacy, rogue, zombie, partner, authenticated, unauthenticated, and more.

To see the entire API landscape, breadth of discovery matters most. Neosec uses existing API activity data to perform discovery that doesn’t require time-consuming deployment of per-app sensors or sidecars. Neosec is easy for security teams to deploy, and delivers the broadest coverage that discovers every API and service.


API Discovery that Never Stops

Discovery is never a one-time process. Our always-on discovery happens around the clock and continuously finds new APIs and changes to existing ones. Security teams gain unparalleled visibility, and are the first to know when developers deploy a new API or service.


Eliminate Shadow APIs. Forever.

With our continuous risk audit you always know when new APIs are discovered or existing ones have changed. Shadow APIs are no longer a problem.

Neosec helps unite developers and security teams. By covering both development and production environments, Neosec even discovers shadow APIs before they hit production.


Identify Sensitive APIs.
Then Prioritize.

Understand the APIs that really matter and know which contain sensitive data. Neosec identifies and labels endpoints that carry sensitive data, like PII, and helps security and developers know which to address first.


Make Sure Every API has Swagger

Neosec audits every API and automatically generates Swagger files for those missing documentation. Developers can easily download the file to jumpstart the documentation process for all APIs–including for legacy systems.


Reveal Discrepancies in Documentation

Improve API hygiene in your organization by leveraging automated Swagger upload as part of your CI/CD process. Neosec performs a risk audit comparing the uploaded file to the parameters detected during discovery to find discrepancies in shadow endpoints, shadow parameters, and security schemas.


Prevent Vulnerable and Misconfigured APIs from Hurting You

Immediately notify security, developer, and API teams of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities found during our risk audit. Easily understand if a partner has incorrectly set-up your API, or if there are vulnerabilities in the code. Contextual and conditional alerts work within your existing workflow, such as automatically creating a JIRA ticket, help to quickly fix any problems.


Improve API Performance Through Debugging

Reduce partner support frustration by eliminating unintentional configuration problems. Neosec improves API performance by revealing misuse and pinpoints any errors that require debugging.